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Visit us at: The Colorado Renaissance Festival: starts August 1rst, 2020, 8 wknds
The Arizona Renaissance Festival: starts Feb 6th 2021, 9 wknds
El Paso Comicon: October 2-4 2020, 3 days
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We have moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. We are Vending at the Local Farmers and Crafts Markets, as well as Local Festivals and events in the are. We are still at the AZ & CO Renaissance Festivals. Visit us on ETSY too, in our STARLITSKIES shop.

 Henna in Las Cruces!!!! When we are home in Las Cruces we paint Henna Body Art at the Local Farmers and Crafts Markets. We also display our creations, our Wonderful Henna on Wood Products, and our New Hand Painted Silks.

Dona Anna Arts Council 'Renaissance Festival' at Young Park, Las Cruces, NM. First weekend in November every year... Since 1999.
Come for some Happy Henna Love!!!!
We are focusing on Hands that are $25-$35, floral free form, that we can do within 20 minutes so the lines are not so long. We usually have to turn people away because the list is so long, so this year we are trying to keep it simple, so we can serve more people with our wonderful Art! The big pieces plan on seeing us at the market for, or book a private appointment! Thanks everyone for your continued support!!!!

Henna:  at the 'Las Cruces Farmers and Crafts Market', NM: Main St, in front of COAS Bookstore  Sat 8:00am-1:00pm.

Henna at 'Old Mesilla Plaza Farmers and Crafts Market', Old Mesilla, NM, Sun 12pm-4:00. There is always Live Music, and Fun! Come Join us!

Henna In Las Cruces throughout the year: PPD, Earth Day, GPD, Cinco De Mayo, Sept Fiesta... visit FaceBook 'Henna By Cyn' for updates.

****This year we are adding the Southern NM State Fair to our Schedule...5 days of Happy Henna Love!

Every February and March we Display our Jewelry Creations at the Arizona Renaissance Festival, in Apache Junction: 8 Wknds.

Every June and July we Display our Jewelry Creations at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, in Larkspur, south of Denver: 8 Wknds.



Henna at The Whole Enchilada Fiesta, September 23-25, 2011, at  Hadley Sports Complex, Las Cruces, NM. Cost $4.00. Come and visit us for amazing Henna Art that will last 2-3 weeks, and see the Worlds Largest Enchilada.

Sept 6th, 2011   Henna in Joshua Tree CA. at Bhakti Fest
We have just finished the Harvest Wine Fest, and we are on our way to CA for a 4 day Yoga Festival in Joshua Tree Ca. Where all the great Teachers, and Musicians in the Yoga world will be. Last year there were some 4000 people. We will be at the main stage this year painting Henna. We look forward to seeing you there...ommmmmmmmmmmmmm, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

2011:We have moved to Las Cruces New Mexico
30 years ago I visited Las Cruces for a week and I fell in love with the town, and wanted to move here, and attend college here. I ended up in College at UTA in Texas in the 80's, and my life went forward; with my Husband, my son, and 4 major Renaissance Festivals across America as a Jewelry Designer, even though I studied Fine Art & Graphic Art in College.
   11 years ago I began painting Henna, and we began participating in the Dona Anna Arts Council Renaissance Festival in Young park, in Las Cruces New Mexico. Even if it was only once a year I was delighted to be back in Las Cruces, and have been excited to watch it grow all this time.

   Meanwhile my son has fallen in Love with a young lady named 'Evening Star' here in Las Cruces, she is a student, and is excited that Nathan is also planning on taking College courses here in NM as well. They both will be helping me with Festivals around town, and the Wednesday and Saturday Farmers market Downtown, on the old coble stone street where there is ample fruit and vegetables, music, dance, and all kinds of Artists. It has the true feel of a Festival on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 1:00ish pm.

  Keep an eye on our Facebook 'Henna By Cyn', a like page, for our Henna activity, and 'Starlit Skies Jewelry' for our Jewelry information.

We will be at the Harvest wine Fest, the Santa Fe Renaissance Festival, and the Whole Enchilada Festival....more info soon.....

Thanks to all our Supporters!!!





Where we are now, and what we are planning.

August 2010
Cutting Back on Ren Fairs and staying closer to home,  AZ, CO, and TX is a nice Mid western area for working. I love the Southern hospitality, charm, and weather, especially in the winter. No More King Richards Fair, won't miss the show however I will miss all my friends, and Fall in New England.
We have moved, I back to Suburbia, and my son is prepping for a successful career in the Environmental field, his goal is to be based out of Austin... my Future Destiny too. Meanwhile we are excited about our 2 New Henna shows this Fall. Come see us at the State Fair of Texas, if you live in Texas.


December 24rth, 2009
We are doing nothing... Nathan is out of College for Winter Break and I am busy on Art projects and playing Guitar... learning the chords these days, ugh! However I can pick out the notes and rock out... the 2nd string is my favorite. We've decided we really are on vacation... doing nothing but those things, Art and Guitar. My son reads his spiritual books, and takes notes...Celestine Prophecy, and the Tao... and Plays Video Games... A tiny bit of guitar with me. January we will pull the Jewelry out and begin with a new surge of delighted energy to put into our creations for 2010. It is going to be an Amazing YEAR!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!

October 1, 2009
The Fall is here and I prep to drive to Mass. to finish up King Richards Faire, for our final season in Carver. I give thanks for the wonderful people and experiences I have had there. I have made life long friends, and have had life changing experiences there. Plus the falls in New England. The New England flavor is definitely different from the south. I will miss the people and my walks along side the Cape cod Canal, and the bright colors changing in the trees, blowing in the wind, and the visual of cranberry bogs everywhere in the neighborhood near the Renaissance Festival. Now that I have a home I want to stay closer to our area. The geographical triangle between Dallas, Denver and Phoenix feels right for me. If it is within 1000 miles from home it is ok with me. It has been a hard decision, however during the last three years I can feel it in my bones, my gut, and my heart is no longer into being that far from home, and I have other plans in the area that will keep me very Happy in the fall. It is not the location of the Home that I am after, I just want more of a home life, where ever my home is. Where I can have plants, and a garden. After 21 years on the road, I would love to just stay close to the home I live in,

We are considering painting Henna in 2010 at the State Faire of Texas. We'll keep you updated. Please e-mail me and I can send you an e-mail of our schedule a couple times a year. Thank you always for your support! -Cynthia

August 18th 2009

We give thanks to our Customers at Scarborough Fiare

It's a new Year, 2009, and we give thanks for the Bright Future that is ahead. 2008 was a challenging year financially, with sales down and the economic struggle all around us. However things are looking up and we have a new found appreciation for that which we have in our life that is solid and that is the Renaissance Festivals where we have buildings, and and a wonderful established business with devoted customers whom we love and appreciate. Branching out in 2008 made us realize how lucky we are for our Renaissance life, friends, and valued customers. So with that in mind we are already focusing on some new products and ideas for 2009. My son who is 19, and is the Assistant MGR now for Starlit Skies will be in AZ with Kathy Crawford who will be managing and making custom orders on the spot.

We encourage all, and our regular customers to come and visit us and see what is new. And if you need me, then please e-mail me at knowing that I am still here for you and you design needs.

I, Cynthia, will be at Scarborough Faire all of April. In May I will be at the Kerrville Folk Festival painting Henna. I have a new product where I paint on boxes using Henna, and then I Varnish the box, leaving the raised mud....they are so beautiful. Visit the BOXES section of our Web site to see what we are doing there. I am also painting on Kerrville I will displaying my T-shirts with Buddha's, Lotus Flowers and Quan Yin's... I am very excited to be painting again.

I look forward to all the exciting things new to us in 2009. And I look forward to seeing you down the road. Bright Blessings, always... Love Cynthia

'Creative Minds are seldom Tidy'

Here is a picture of our work room....2008.

It's getting a bit messy with projects everywhere!!

The new year always brings a moment to reorganize.

Thanksgiving: On this day of Gratitude we give Thanks for our many blessings, for an abundant life full of love and joy surrounded by amazing people who we love, and who love us!

We attended an Arabian Horse show in Granbury this November 2008, as a vendor, and this experience brought on a new Breakthrough... painting T-Shirts! As an Artist I have been drawing and painting all my life. So much I am grateful for, such as, at age 10 my GRANNY paid for me to attend oil painting lessons. I am lucky to have had a life of Art, to include Art School in NY city, and six years at UTA in the Art Department which really helped me to put in a life time of experience and practice. These last 20 years I have spent most of my time making Jewelry and I have missed drawing and painting. Branching out this year doing more Henna shows has helped. Hanging out with some wonderful Ladies who face paint reminded me how much I love to paint, and yearn to have more of that medium in my life. So now as I bring my little basket of paints & Henna wherever I go, painting people, faces, boxes, and now 'T' Shirts, bags and Christmas Ornaments.

Check it out by clicking here.... 'T' Shirts and Bags

Nov 8th, 2008
Todays log:
My how time flys....We had a great show in Las Cruces New Mexico, at the Dona Ana Arts Council Renaissance Festival, at the first of November painting Henna. We were in the shade this year and that really helped... it was magical in between two Juniper trees, which offered alot of shade for the waiting area and where we painted. We are hoping to make that spot our regular spot in the years to come. We are so grateful to the Arts Council and to all those who have visited us each year for the last 9 years! Send us your e-mail if you are in the New Mexico area and we will send you and Invitation, and a coupon for savings, to the next years event. We Love New Mexico and it is my birthday weekend, so we have a great time with all our friends and family members who reunite at the show.

Red Stegall Rodeo and Music Fest, Fort Worth Stock Yards
This was such a wonderful time... the Music and making new friends and contacts at the show. Plus it always fun to get back to my roots and visit the old part of Fort Worth where the stock yards are, and the twice daily herd of long Horns that gallop across the brick paved streets. Attendance was good but sales were down for everyone due to the economy crunch.


NTAHC :The North Texas Arabian Horse Club, North Texas Shoot-Out     
 Nov 1
3-16th Glenrose, Tx Arena
The NTAHC Shootout is a Class A Arabian/Half-Arabian horse show held annually in November at the Somervell Expo Center. Starlit Skies will be there exhibiting Swarovski Sun Catchers, Handcrafted Jewelry, Western style wall hangings that have a wonderful Western picture on one side, and a mirror on the other side. See our VENDORS INVITATION page. We will also be face painting the children there... which is one of our most pleasurable experiences when we attend a western event: a safe place for the kids to hang out.

Pro Youth Rodeo Cleburn, Dec 5-6 Indoor Arena
We look forward to Face painting all the kids at this event and displaying our creations for the Holiday season

Waxahachie Victorian Christmas
The weekend after Thanksgiving, sat &Sun, we will be there displaying our creations around the Town Square.

KEEP AUSTIN BIZZARR Dec 12-23, Palmer Events Center
This is an exciting event for us with the 12 days before Christmas, 12 hours a day in Downtown Austin. We will have an Amazing booth full of our creations with the Christmas theme at its peak.

Keep Austin Bizarre is an annual shopping event with a warm, family atmosphere to enhance your holiday shopping experience. Featuring local vendors, delicious food/drinks, live shows and performances to entertain you, with us holiday shopping means celebration and family fun!

This is a local event created to support talented Austin artists, designers, and small businesses. The Bazaar provides the best for the season of giving with a wide range of products such as jewelry, clothes, accessories, books, fine arts& crafts from local designers, even eclectic treasures from around the world.

7/23/08    It' late July and we are just getting back to playing on the computer and updating what's going on in the Starlit Skies World. Az. was a success with Katherine Crawford managing the Az. show while Cynthia stayed home in Texas and tended to her garden and land while she made jewelry and shipped it to AZ.

Scarborough was also a success as we happily welcomed Anduril White back into the business after her Break from Starlit Skies. She had a child a few years back and now she is ready to join the team again and share some of the business and work load. She split the Scarborough Faire weekends with Cynthia allowing her to branch out and try some different shows with her Art Work...all the time at home making jewelry between weekends for the Starlit Skies booth.

Co. is in full swing, and we also welcome back Abby into the business. Abby had a seizure and thought it was time to get off the road, and fulfill her dream of going to College. She spent the last 2 years in Winona going to College and learned she missed the Ren Fairs and the Starlit Skies world of making jewelry. She is in Co, with son Nathan, managing the Co. booth while "Momma Cyn" stays at home and makes Jewelry trying to desperately save her new trees from dying in this HOT TEXAS HEAT. We haven't been home during a Texas summer in 16 years.... it Hot!!! It's rained once so far this June and July.

The Motorcycle Rally in Alvarado, the weekend of July 17th was too HOT, and Cynthia basically had a heat was 110 degrees, and probably hotter on that concrete slab we were set up on for Henna. The Biker crowd like the Henna in Austin in early June, at ROT.....however she feels the wild crowd of the biker rally is a bit much for her old bones. Yes she was wild in her younger days, however now she enjoys a quiet, peaceful and serene life....shhhhhh...can you hear the birds sing, the frogs rumble, and moon lights glow humming.

King Richards fair in Boston will start the last weekend in August.



We will be doing the TxOK Fair in Wichita Falls: September 16th -20th. 2008
We will be set up in the Carnival section... and it should be fun!!!
Nathan will be painting allot of Henna for the Teenagers,
and Cynthia will be doing some face paintings and the more Fancy Henna drawings.


WESTERN SPARKLE is our new focus for the Fall & winter, in the North Texas area, to include Oklahoma. The Western Sparkle is a Western theme dripping in Sun Catchers and Wall Hangings.

We are signed up for the HEART OF TEXAS FAIR AND RODEO,  in Waco, a 10 day event, October 2-11. See our VENDORS INVITATION  for the Western Sparkle exhibit.

More shows will be on the list as soon as we confirm.

Mostly Cynthia is just working away, and we are trying to book as many shows as we can for this fall and winter, a time when the Renaissance Festivals are closed. We are trying to find what works, find a place where we are wanted and loved, and then focus on having a successful experience at that show.

Arizona Renaissance Festival
is the next Renaissance Festival we attend, which runs for 8 weekends, starting February 8th, in Apache Junction east of the Phoenix area. It's so beautiful in front of the Superstition Mountains, and what a great place to be in Early Spring.
 to learn more about the show.



What's Next:

Scarborough Faire
April and May, Waxahachie Texas

Click here to see more about our Renaissance Festivals.


NEW and EXCITING Information

We are designing new products with a Western Flare with the intention of Getting into 'Futurity' a cutting Horse show, and the Fort Worth Stock Show this coming winter. Futurity is 14 days long, and the Stock show and Rodeo is 24 days long. Here at Starlit Skies we are so excited to have the opportunity to expand with New Shows, and to be able to allow our Creative juices to flow in the Area of South Western Art, and the Wild West.

The North Texas Irish fest is on our Agenda for 2009, which is where we got our start with Jewelry 20 years ago in 1988. Here we will be Displaying Cynthia's Jewelry as well as her Celtic knot work ART. She will also be painting Henna with a focus on free style Celtic Knot work Designs. This will be an exciting show with this rare opportunity to be able to show and do everything that Cynthia can offer.

Visit our the "VENDORS INVITATION" section on our Web site to see a sample of the items we will be displaying at the Western SHows.

Sometimes we will be painting 'Henna', Other times Jewelry. There will be times where we will only be selling the Western Wall hangings and Sun Catchers, to include the New Design of Tea Light Candle Folding Screen. Shows often have too many Jewelers so this is our opportunity to be able to explore different areas with our creative ideas, using the same high quality that we bring to our Jewelry.

At Home...

In the winter we are at home in Texas, south of the DFW area, under the beautiful sunny southern sky. Luckily, for the first time in 20 years we have a MGR running the AZ. show so we can stay at home and work from home. This enables us to enjoy our wonderful home, and country environment. A garden is well on its way already with sprouting corn, snow peas, and tomatoes. Our Pear, and Apple trees are already about to bloom with flowers. And Mr. Fig is showing promising signs of being well on it's way to a sprouting spring.

The winter Holidays were a bit slow, due to some weather issues, and a slow economy, however that gave us time to reflect on how we can expand the business and come up with New Ideas for new shows and ways to better serve our customers, including Flyers, Brochures, and a new Web site.

Thank you for visiting us here at the Starlit Skies.

New Mexico

Every year we spend the first weekend in Nov. in Las Cruces New Mexico, attending the Renaissance Festival there as an Artist in the Park sponsored by Dona Ana Arts Council. It is  always a very successful show, with perfect weather in southern New Mexico. We paint Henna: traditional Mahendi Style. Visit our Henna section for more of our photos, where to get Henna, and about Henna Parties when we are in your area.

Las Cruces Ren Faire Parade.



Then we had a 2007 Christmas Celebration Holiday Show:

Visit Us For Holiday SHOPPING at the Town Square!!!

Victorian Christmas Celebration
Waxahachie Tx.

Starts Thanksgiving weekend, including Friday,  and runs for three weekends on Saturday and Sunday.


Besides filling online orders for the winter Holidays,  we will be selling our Jewels at the Waxahachie Victorian Christmas in Waxahachie Texas around the Town Square.

Downtown Waxahachie Victorian Christmas Celebration

Event Description:
Opens Nov. 23-25 - 10 am-6 pm, Friday-Saturday; 11 am-5 pm Sunday Open Dec. 1-2 - 10 am-6 pm, Saturday; 11 am-5 pm Sunday Open Dec. 8-9 - 10 am-6 pm, Saturday; 11 am-5 pm Sunday

This celebration begins the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, for 3 days, and runs for 3 weekends Sat & Sun... there is no charge to attend, and there will be  other stores in the square open, Santa Clause for the  kids, Christmas music playing and maybe even a Christmas band like last year. Frank of CAST IN BRONZE was there the last two years last year. Also there are a couple of restaurants and plenty o' parking. Here at Starlit Skies we have a plan for Holiday Savings... and all purchases brought from us will come in a Holiday gift bag or Holiday wrapped Gift Box to help with your Holiday needs. Hope to see you there!

CAST IN BRONZE...Dec 1&2, 8&9   2007                                                            

Be Enchanted by this Magical, Musical Adventure featuring “The Carillon”.  This Rare Medieval Instrument, comprised of 4 tons of Bells, will stir your spirit with the haunting beauty of its passionate music.  Nationally Renowned Performer, Frank DellaPenna, portrays the masked “spirit” who brings this otherworldly music to life.


Visit for the Schedule and more Info.

Cast In Bronze will also be at the Arizona Renaissance Festival