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Jewelry Designs, Hand Painted Silks, and Original Art Work by
Cynthia Ann McDonald
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Visit us at: The Colorado Renaissance Festival: starts August 1rst, 2020, 8 wknds
The Arizona Renaissance Festival: starts Feb 6th 2021, 9 wknds
El Paso Comicon: October 2-4 2020, 3 days
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Happy Henna Love in Las Cruces, NM.
We are so excited now to be living in Las Cruces New Mexico!!!!! My son Nathan Fell in Love in 2010 with a young lady here in town, named Star, and she is an Artist and College Student, so my son moved to Las Cruces, and then I quickly followed! We have expanded our Team of Henna Artist by including Star, teaching her the Zen and Fine Art of Henna, so she is now a strong member of our Team, and will be with us around town painting Henna and sharing the Happy Henna Love in our wonderful Starlit Skies Henna Garden booth.

We have been painting Henna at the Dona Anna Arts Council Renaissance Festival at Young Park since the year 2000, in Las Cruces, NM.  Here are some of our photos from 2011.

Contact Cynthia (575)545-2070 in June and July contact Sephra Reyes (575)644-3372

Our Henna Team in Las Cruces, New Mexico... 2011 (being silly...we always have fun!!!)

Evening Star Sciarabba, Henna Artist.

Nathan Haney (son) & (Momma) Cynthia Mc.

Henna Artists.

Kim Sellon, Cynthia, and Star.

A chilly cold day at Young Park, Ren Fest, Nov.  2011.

Henna Artist and Amazing Henna Host with the Most...

Two of the most Famous Actresses in Las Cruces, NM.

Look for their upcoming Play.

Star and Nathan...xoxoxox

Kim and Star painting Henna.

Our Henna Artwork, Young Park, Las Cruces, NM, 11/11.
The Dona Anna Arts Council Renaissance Festival.



Henna stain takes
48 hours to get
super dark after
removing Henna
This photo on the left
is less than 24 hours old, and continues to get darker as the day goes on...

Henna On Wood Products
This is an exciting and fun way to use old Henna that no longer stains the skin. We mix our Henna powder fresh, and it is good for staining the skin for a bout 3 days. We then use the left over Henna from a festival for decorating wooden objects, such as boxes and plaques. We also  paint on wood making wall hangings, magnets, Sun Catchers, Book Markers,
and even on little wooden shapes for pendants and earrings.
We are open to any subject matter so let us know if you have any ideas.

New Henna Kokopelli on Wood Products 2011

More to Come Soon

Henna on Wood Products from winter of 2010


As a Jewelry designer since 1987, and an Artist who has been drawing all her life we are excited now to present our new products by Cynthia where the two mediums are mixed. Henna on Wood as a Magnet
or a wall hanging.