Starlit Skies
Jewelry Designs, Hand Painted Silks, and Original Art Work by
Cynthia Ann McDonald
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Visit us at: The Colorado Renaissance Festival: starts August 1rst, 2020, 8 wknds
The Arizona Renaissance Festival: starts Feb 6th 2021, 9 wknds
El Paso Comicon: October 2-4 2020, 3 days
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Bell Anklets,
Long enough for a necklace, Arm band, wrap twice for a Ankle and Arm bracelet.
Hand Crocheted by Cynthia using Strong Cotton Crochet Thread.

These Items are large enough to be tied around an Anklet or Boot, around the Arm as an Arm Band, and the neck to be worn as a Necklace. If you wrap it around twice it makes for a nice Wrist Bracelet.
The magical sound chimes when you walk, dance, or just having fun at a Festival.
PRICE: $18.00 Gold or Silver color bells
COLORS: Black, White, Red, Green, Pink, Blue...

Be Sure to Tell us what color you want when you check out... or Email us!